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Pushes & Pulls

I’m up VERY EARLY to cover the Parker’s Piece bootcamp.  I haven’t been attending bootcamp for the last month or so, so this almost feels too early. ‘ Up by 5:30 & out the door by 6’ doesn’t leave a gal much time for tabatas, but most of what I need is already packed.

This morning’s tabata pair  is a push-pull combo:

20/10 x 8 rounds of:

Decline push-ups


 Inverted table rows

It’s a good idea to balance your horizontal pushing exercises (like push-ups) with horizontal pulling exercises (like bodyweight rows). Training your opposing movement patterns will aid in preventing muscle imbalances that can be the root of many training injuries.

Of course, if you’re this mythical creature from Dr. Dolittle, you’ve got the push/pull automatically integrated into every workout 😉

Have a great day 🙂 T.G.I.F.!  (More on THAT coming later!)