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What do you get when you mix a Sumo with a Donkey?

Here’s what you don’t get: much of a punchline!

Today’s tabatas:

20/10 x 8  (20s of work/10s of rest x 8 rounds total)


Sumo Squats


Donkey Kicks

I’m off to bed after these tabatas! Tomorrow morning I’ve got a hot date in the dissection lab (no disrespect intended).  This is something I’ve been looking forward to for 9 years!

P.S. Something I’m also excited about: Animal Inside Out at the NHM!



My February

I’ve just finished my February vision board. January was a bit ambitious, and there were a couple of goals that I didn’t achieve (1 full pull-up, guitar songs, writing every day), so these are incorporated into this month’s plan of action. I’ve kept it simple & relatively open to interpretation.

I think February is totally manageable, though :o) I already know which songs I want to learn on the guitar (New Girl theme song & Molly Smiles). I’m well on my way to a single strict pull-up, and I’m planning a 6 day juice detox from the 12th to the 18th.

I’m also creating a new exercise programme  – #ahap – that incorporates my running, pull-ups, kettlebells, Ladies Who Lift, bootcamp, and rest.  Starting tomorrow, I’ll post my workouts daily.

NOW I can go to bed 🙂 x