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#RUNCBG Like A Girl

Calling all Cambridge runners! It’s spring, and therefore (in our opinion), it’s the official running season! We think running is rad, and it’s our favorite mode of transportation at L.A.G. for the following reasons, among a million others:

  1. Doesn’t require any petrol
  2. No need to lock anything up
  3. Faster than just walking
  4. Neon clothing is acceptable, and encouraged
  5. It’s done according to your own schedule
  6. Practically free
  7. Shortcuts galore
  8. Makes you feel happy

One other reason we love running is to enjoy the scenery. There are so many tiny details waiting to be noticed, and running provides the opportunity to do so.  How well do you actually know Cambridge? How many streets have you walked past, instead of down? Ever run along the river until you can’t run any further? Climbed a tree along the way?

Our Spring run like a girl challenge begins today. We’re setting the end date at May 31st, which gives us 2 months to complete it. The challenge? To run Cambridge like a girl in support of a local Cambridge charity, Rowan.  We will literally aim to run down every single street/passageway/walking path in Cambridge. If we hit our target early, we’ll expand to neighbouring villages.

In addition to our Thursday evening running sessions, we’ll be offering a couple of extra free runs/week (t.b.a. on our Facebook page & this blog). You are encouraged to hit the streets in your own time to rack up the miles.

We will be making (in the coming days) a giant map of Cambridge on our computers and then we’ll track every individual’s running. You can choose whatever color you’d like to represent your own runs, and our run like a girl club will be the official L.A.G. pink (as in our logo). In the end, we envision a fantastic graphic of multicolored lines that criss-cross, weave, overlap & underlap.

To track your runs, we recommend using an App such as Endomondo, or manually entering your route in Gmap Pedometer. Just email us your route to so that we can log the data, and add a pretty line to our map of Cambridge.

We need a photo for EVERY run that goes on the map! It has to have a part of you in it (shoes/full body/face only) but can be of the scenery, a funny sign, an animal, landmark, etc. These should be emailed with your route info & also uploaded to fb with Like A Girl Fitness tagged in the photo and #RUNCBG as the caption :o)

You don’t have to raise money, but we know that Rowan truly appreciates any donations, so they are our charity of choice.  The fundraising page can be found here.  This is a group charity page, so please send your friends and family this link!  Possible ideas for fundraising include: asking friends to pledge an amount that will be paid when we completely run Cambridge &  asking friends to donate 50p for every mile that you run.  The possibilities are endless.

On May 31st, we’ll have a social get-together to celebrate our success.  Our pages will be updated with further information as this event progresses (how to obtain #RUNCBG tee-shirts, etc).

Let us know if you’d like to be a part of #RUNCBG. It’s gonna be off the hook, as Whitney would say 😉