Snowbatas! Pancakes! Opportunities!

Last night, it snowed.  It snowed last week, too –   for about 60s – and the snow flakes were so translucent that you could barely discern them as flakes.  This time, though, it REALLY snowed!  Even Canadians would be in awe. The difference is that (most of) Canada would be prepared to deal with this amount of fluff, and for 7 months of the year, a lot of Canadians are in the snow-removal industry, so rely on it to feed their families and fuel their skidoos.

When I say that Canadians would be in awe, I mean that they would be in awe for a good 10 minutes before bundling up and starting to shovel. You don’t want to let the snow sit for too long, as the deeper it gets (or the more times you back out of your driveway), the harder it is to shovel.  This amount of snow might mean that you drive thru Tim Hortons, instead of parking and walking in, and that you get an XL  double double instead of just an L (providing you frequent a Timmy’s that has calibrated dispensers to ensure that your dbl dbl tastes the same no matter what size you order).

Because of all the aput, Cambridge KettleBelles decided to cancel SuperWomen Sundays!!! This is totally Donna-approved for a few reasons: 1. I did not want to bike through this snow, 2. The studio doesn’t have central heating and our little space heater wouldn’t have done much today, and 3. I get to make pancakes now. And maybe start playing the guitar.

My snowbatas for this morning are:

1.  goblet squats


2. double lunges

In case you missed the first post (introducing my tabata challenge), you can check it out here. Thank you to Rhone Conditioning for introducing me to the cute term, snowbatas 🙂

If you want an extra workout to do on top of the tabatas, check out the W.O.D. I made for the KettleBelles called ‘No Frills Snow Thrills’ !

Time for me to do my tabatas so that I can make some pancakes! Pictures to hopefully follow :o)


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