A Deep Slumber, Jump Lunges, & Mountain Climbers

I made a decision last nite to not set any alarms for the morning. I don’t have anything ‘officially’ on until this evening and have been feeling a bit exhausted since getting back from London on Sunday evening. Health should ALWAYS come first.

A 13 hour slumber was exactly what I needed to start to recharge. I even plan on spending the rest of the afternoon in jammies, working on the computer & tackling some housework.  Pancakes (clean) will be eaten, along with some incredible homemade spelt olive bread spread with nut cheese (both created by Whitney).  I’m even taking the day off from training, with the exception of my daily run & my Feb tabata challenge!

Today’s exercises for the challenge are:

Jump Lunges


Mountain Climbers

20s of work & 10s of rest. Repeat 8 times, alternating between the 2 exercises. This will take 4 minutes if you include the final 10s of rest, but really you’re done in 3:50 :o)

If you don’t have a gymboss or other interval timer, use this free online timer.  It gives you a nice 10s countdown before you begin :o)

I’m off to do mine now!


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