Forever Behind :o) & DCP’s Feb Challenge!

The other evening, I wrote a very long blog post that touched on so many different aspects of the past month. It took me a good while to write, and I was pretty excited about putting it up. I clicked on ‘Publish’ and wordpress informed me that I actually wasn’t logged in anymore! So, I hit back on my browser and breathed a sigh of relief that my words were still there. I wasn’t going to chance it again, so I selected all of the text & copied it, before getting to the login screen and forgetting what my password was. I ALWAYS forget what my password is, and had just changed it, and actually had a sticky note on my desktop with the new code. So, what do I do? Copy the password (which is under 10 characters). . . and overwrite my blog post 😦 Totally unrecoverable! So, in the next few days you’ll get to hear all about how January went for me.

For now, I need to tell you all about my February Challenge! I love challenges, and now that my 10,000 swing challenge is officially complete (thanks to Charlie, Whitney, & Karina for helping me get those swings in), it’s time for something new. As February is a short month, I figured a short – >4 minutes to be exact – challenge would be most appropriate. So…. I present to you:

I’ll be posting the 2 exercises I’ve randomly selected for my morning workout whenever I wake up :o) I’d post them the night before, but it’s gotta be a surprise for me, too! You can join me on this challenge if you’d like and either do the same exercises OR choose your own exercises!

I’m hoping to have my new site up in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned for something mind-blowingly  amazing!


train hard like a girl,


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